首页 ELITE STORY The Fifth Public Welfare Film Festival is successfully held by Perfect(China) in Zhongshan,China.

The Fifth Public Welfare Film Festival is successfully held by Perfect(China) in Zhongshan,China.

阿福 2019年12月10日完美

December 10th,2019 from Perfect(China) Co.,Ltd.

On December 9, The Fifth Public WelfareFilm Festival Annual Grand Ceremony was held by PERFECT in Zhongshan,China with the theme of“We All Have Our Dreams”, it tells the story of how ten ordinary people pursue their dreams by different shots,the filmseulogizetheir strong and powerful mind , trying to make it a main melody of contemporaryspirit. The on-site donations will be used for the youth development, caringaboutfemale, drugcontrol, and theChinese-language education.


The Donation Project for the Youth Development, CaringaboutFemale, Drug Control, and the Chinese-language Education Opening.

After five years of hard work, the Fifth Public Welfare Film Festival held by Perfectushered in a comprehensive platform upgrade. The Organizing Committee of the Perfect Public Welfare Film Festival, partner with the Perfect Cultural Communication Fund, China Women's Development Foundation, China Youth Development Foundation, China Health Care Association and New Studios Media Group, launched the opening ceremony of the Perfect Family-beneficial Guardian Plan and Public Welfare Film Safeguard Action. It aims to promote harmonious relationship for family and society. And more of the young directors are needed to joining in this project.

KOO YUEN KIM, Chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd., it has been grown in to a maturepublicwelfare brand after all those films produced to spread the good-deed storiesandto help more people to materialize their dreams and expresslove.


The Launch of PerfectFamily-beneficial Guardian Plan and Public Welfare Film Safeguard Action


KOO YUEN KIM, Chairman of Perfect(China) delivers a speech

Ordinarydreamers aredeeply praised incontemporarysociety

There are five chapters for this festival including"Ordinary dream, gathering warmth", "Driven by dreams, cherish good times", "Always remember your original intention, and continue marching forward", "With aninnocent heart, build dream for future", "Hero's dream, live with heart”,whichfully presented the dream-chasing stories from people of all walks of life.

Thetruestories fromfilmspresent us thatso many ordinary people who devotedtheir life to help others, such as a cleaning worker who helped 37 poverty-stricken students to complete their education, and a couple adopted more than 40 disabled orphans in 30 years.

They are ordinary people but composedabrilliantsongof dreamwith their precious time and life,whichenable the sparkle of life shine more brilliantly.


The mostbeautifulpeople with Benevolence


The mostbeautifulpeople with Benevolence

To commemorate heroes with films

The film MEMORY OF DALIANG MOUNTAIN was displayed during the chapter of "Hero's dream, live with heart”,whichremind us of theforest fireinMuli CountyLiangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province on March 31, 2019, in which 30 firefighters died,27 of them are from Sichuan Province, with theoldestone of38 years old and the youngestonly18 years old.

Celebrity Huang Xiaoming dubbed the film. The on-site atmosphere turned to be very sad when the names of those sacrificedfirefightersbeing read respectively by Huang. They sacrifice themselves because of protecting others, the best way to remember these heroesareusing the films.


Meng Xiaosi, President of China Women's Development Foundation, andKOO YUEN KIM, Chairman of Perfect Company present the awards during the festival.

Perfect encounter,letyourlifefullofbenevolence.

Some well-knownsinger guests are invited to tell what they think the most beautiful good deeds, theyarecommitted to fulfil the promises and perform public responsibilities in a down-to-earth manner.

Singer—Jiang Yingrong

Singer—Wang Zhengliang


 Singer Pingan: singing the song —" The most beautiful mind”.

The gathering of good deeds over the past five years

The most beautiful people of those perform good deeds always remain at their post in every corner of the country, keep practicing kindness. And the appearance of previous representatives make the festival even more affectionate.

Liu Jinxiang,"Watchmen"in Desert is the representative of the First Public Welfare Film Festival. She brought her preciousthings, Spindle trees, which give life and vitality to the desert. And the school principal Guo Xiaoping presented a painting which completed by the school students. Yang Xin, the guardian of the Yangtze River source, displayed picture book of different animals, one showed their resolution for never-ending career. The most beautiful and filial brother and sister whomakeaChinese knotto Chairman KOO YUEN KIM, it shows that people of different places share a common view to help the public.


Previous Representatives

Immersive Pop-up Store, Empowering Woman

Outside the festival stage, it’s a eye-catching immersive pop-up store, there are 8 completely different story films being broadcast involve people of different ages and lifestatus, which include the full-time mothers, professional elites, teenager students, and the seniors.  The immersive experiences teach females to empower themselves with confidence,strength, and courage.


Immersive Pop-up Store, Empowering Woman

You will be the better self because of your dream

The Fifth Public Welfare Film Festival focus on the dream-chasing story of ordinary people this year, to catch love moments with camera, discovering the powerful mind in their good deeds, so as to achieve their self-value, and at the same time it promotes the prosperity of the motherland.


The Fifth Public Welfare Film Festival is successfully held by Perfect(China)


“The desired futue”being sung during the festival






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